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Bowel Incontinence

Adult Bowel IncontinenceIt does not matter if you are male or female, fecal incontinence can be devastating to the psyche.  The fear of soiling yourself can overwhelm individuals enough to completely change lifestyles.  Do not get me wrong, many of us learn how to deal with the symptoms; however, not a day goes by where I do not notice my problem.  Bowel incontinence will definitely change your daily routine, but for many people there is a real risk for not wanting to do anything.  Especially during the first days of experiencing fecal incontinence, my greatest fear was having bowel leaks before I make it home.  All I could think about is, “my god, what would people think if they knew?”  You know what?  The surprising fact is that there are many individuals out there experiencing what you are going through.  Don’t let this obstacle control your life.

My greatest fear for anyone suffering is the inability to seek help.  The best thing you can do is talk about this with someone you can trust or your doctor.  Seeking medical assistance is the best first step to tackling bowel incontinence.  After all, there are different reasons why individuals experience incontinence and a doctor’s diagnosis is best in finding out the root problem.  Incontinence will always be a symptom.

The anal sphincter (muscles found in the anus) can cause loose stool as it becomes weaker due to age, surgery, nerve damage, or even during child birth.  In women, trauma during labor can even cause the sphincters to weaken.  The degree of bowel incontinence will differ from small droplets to full quantities.

Based on the level of fecal incontinence, doctors will provide options including therapy.  Therapy includes exercises that will strengthen the muscles at the anus to minimize the occurrence of bowel incontinence. Medication may also be provided in hopes of controlling incontinence but recommendations will vary based on the diagnosis. 

Fortunately there are many products made for adults to control fecal incontinence.  With adult diapers, briefs, and liners, you can freely go out in public.  Don’t let incontinence control your life.  Control incontinence so you can live your life!

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